Our Story

Enriching the member experience.

Our Values

We value relationships and results. We nurture every partnership because we care about the outcome. We value listening and being responsive. We value beautiful mobile experiences that standout.

Our Promise

By placing your interests ahead of our own, every interaction will prove our commitment, simplify your mobile launch and create a deep-rooted partnership.

The Pacesetter Story

It all started in 2013 when our founder George Stavros took a look at the club industry and saw an opportunity. Mobile technology was skipping over the industry as a whole, and a multi-year decline in new memberships pointed to disaster. He realized that the only way to pull the private club industry into the present was to design something that specifically addressed a real pain.

He designed the first version of the Pacesetter app to enhance the golf experience. It combined beacon technology and name recognition for a better bag drop experience, a convenient way for golfers to communicate with the club and a simple way to speed up the F&B process on or off the course.

He beta tested the early product at some clubs - and it worked. Marshals kept the game moving, players loved the simplified food & beverage ordering, and course managers loved having an instant communication link to their customers.

But like any meaningful beta, the path to iteration included feedback from early users. George began discussing the bigger issues with clublife - GM’s and their staff struggled with knowing their members in a more meaningful way and delivering a personalized experience.

A casual discussion over lunch with a top general manager, ended with an idea on the back of a napkin. The member photo directory was born.

It clicked. A profile image + arrival notifications + member preferences meant the ability to deliver hyper personalized service upon arrival and all throughout the club.

That changed everything.

Every GM in the country could understand the value of knowing a member’s name and preferences before they even open the front door. The best and brightest GM’s in the space connected the dots quickly and realized Pacesetter had the potential to be their best kept secret for delivering amazing member experiences.

So, We pivoted.

Today, we’re the only platform dedicated to the delivery of exceptional member experiences.

We’ve got club experience in our veins and software in our DNA. Our club expertise includes 20 years of improving the operations and member experience at some of the finest resorts and private clubs in the world. Our tech team has spent a similar amount of times pioneering the development of innovative analytics based software. We’re combining these decades of entrepreneurial, club operations and technology experience to innovate the private club member experience and change things forever.

Here’s what we know for sure:

Member expectations have changed forever and everyone wants to know that they matter.

We want to live in a world where:

Relationships come first.

We believe that:

Clients are partners and there’s no substitute for face-to-face.

We embrace:

The thinkers. The leaders of the pack. Those who push beyond.

We see that:

Your member experience is everything.

We want nothing more than to:

Be your secret weapon.

We feed off of:

Results. Problem solving. Simplicity. Style.

We will be responsible for:

Listening. Responding. Delivering.

We will show the club world:

The right blend of technology and service can transcend experiences.