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Hyper Personalized Experience

Name recognition software and a member directory put a face with a name, enabling tailored experiences and stronger member connections.

Location Driven Insight

Beacon technology reveals the club in zones, preparing you with names and preferences before you enter the room or approach a table.

Personalized Communication

Push notifications ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time, matching events to their interests with a one click RSVP.

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Pacesetter Ideas

Great Tech = Safe Return

Balancing safety with revenue generation must also be at the forefront of club managers’ minds. Some experts believe waves of social distancing will be needed before life can resume as “normal”. That being said, club managers must consider how technology will allow them resume operations in the most normal fashion. ...

How Technology Will Disrupt The Tradeshow Industry

Given that tradeshows feature hundreds of companies, individual exhibitors face uphill battles to attract and keep the attention of attendees. Like it has for other industries, technology provides exhibitors competitive advantages to successfully disrupt a marketplace ripe for re-engaging its consumers....

Is Congress Out of Touch?

Regardless of members’ of Congress’ ages, a 2015 survey found that 78-percent of Americans believe Congress is out of touch. In 2020, how would that percentage be impacted as the oldest Congress in history begins legislating technology not widely used by its age group?...