Next Level Experiences

The least expected moments are remembered the most.

Delight your members with next level experiences that constantly beat their expectations. Seamless mobile features turn every interaction into a chance to deliver more.

Who's at the Club?

Encourage a little planned serendipity. Give your members the ability to see who’s currently at the club. Members can actually see when their friends are at the club, encouraging an unplanned visit.

Invite A Future Member

Feed the organic growth of your membership. An incredible boost where your members can invite future members. Prospects instantly receive a version of your app and your membership team has their contact information to invite them to the club.

Member Name Recognition

It’s your job to know every member, before they walk in your door. There’s never been a tool this powerful.

Member & Staff Directory

It’s all about the connection. The photo makes it human and they can do the rest.

Food & Beverage Ordering

Whenever they want it, where ever they are. Fast and simple.

Integrated Club Calendar

You create the event on your website and we’ll make it easy for them to attend.

View & Pay Statements

"That's not my charge...oh yes it is."

Integrated Dining Reservations

Your existing dining reservations...without all of the clicks.

Integrated Tee Sheet

Computer...what’s a computer? Your app is everything they need.

Mobile Keys

Going keyless is the key to a hassle-free experience. Improve security by giving your members the power to unlock doors. Members simply wave their device at the HID access panel and they are granted entry - no keys, no guards, no hassle.

Valet Request

Waiting is for amateurs. Give members the ability to make the most of every moment with one click valet request before it’s time to leave. They step out of your door and into theirs.

Push Notifications

Send or schedule a message to every member or a single member or custom groups of members.

Newsletter & Video Hosting

The Medium is the Message and video is how they prefer their content.

Location Based Member Ratings

Timely + Relevant = Powerful. Get a fresh perspective based on the experience they just completed. You select the question, you select the location and you select the frequency.

Request My Clubs

Amazement is a click away. At the press of a button, your member’s clubs are perfectly positioned and waiting for their arrival.

We build your club's mobile app powered by our technology. Your experience, your operation and your reputation will never be the same.

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