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Member Recognition

It’s your job to know every member, before they walk in your door. We deliver the most powerful tool to do just that. Empower your staff to deliver the unexpected by seeing the face, name, and personal preferences of every member. 


Hear what the brightest minds in the business have to say

Spotlight Feature

Jeff Morgan

CMAA's CEO shares his ideas for evolving the CMAA World Conference.

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Henry Wallmeyer

Former President & CEO of the National Club Association, discuss how they are increasing their advocacy efforts and building relationships with Congress to benefit the private club community.

Spotlight Feature

Robert Sereci

GM and COO at Medinah Country Club, shares his thoughts on attracting and retaining top talent.

Spotlight Feature

Matthew Allnatt

GM and COO shares how the Jonathon Club stays perpetually relevant with current and future members.

Spotlight Feature

Michael Ryan

VP F&B Programs at Discovery Land Company, shares how his clubs build onsite farms to produce fresh, locally sourced ingredients, as well as enhance the member experience.

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Jill Philmon

GM, Big Canoe POA, recommends you get ready for #clubstoo. Boards and general managers understand that you just can't ignore #MeToo

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