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Hyper Personalized Experience

Name recognition software and a member directory put a face with a name, enabling tailored experiences and stronger member connections.

Location Driven Insight

Beacon technology reveals the club in zones, preparing you with names and preferences before you enter the room or approach a table.

Personalized Communication

Push notifications ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time, matching events to their interests with a one click RSVP.

Smart Clubs of the World.

We interviewed GMs at the World’s Smartest Clubs to find out how they are innovating around four specific trends. Download this comprehensive look at the innovations already happening at the World’s Smartest Clubs.

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Make Every Member Recognizable

Learn more about how the world's finest clubs, including the Union League, Emerald Dunes and Kohanaiki use name recognition to deliver exceptional experiences - every member, every time.

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Club Farm to Club Table

As farm to table food continues defining what’s next in the American dining experience, club managers must stay abreast of opportunities in this area, so their clubs keep pace with the most cutting-edge dining experiences. Now is the time to think club’s farm to club’s table....

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